LW/MW/SW All Mode Desktop Communications Receiver
The World Awaits You !

Now you can enjoy the thrill of listening to live radio signals from all over the world with the Alinco DX-R8T/E. A new desktop shortwave radio designed to be affordable without compromising performance, the DX-R8T/E boasts a communications grade receiver circuit, 3 ceramic filters (FM/AM, SSB, CW) with narrow filter function, excellent 1ppm stability and a large, easy-to-read LCD screen. The I/Q output mode with supporting SDR freeware lets you to output the I/Q signal from the 3.5mm stereo jack and decode DRM using only a PC and a sound card.

Simple operating commands and straight-forward key layout make this a radio that you can start enjoying from the moment you first turn it on. Packed with many features normally found only in more expensive shortwave receivers, the DX-R8T/E is ready to capture the imagination of everyone from a beginner in the world of shortwave to the most experienced shortwave listener.

Attention: This product requires an optional power-supply (3A-class /12Vdc) and an external antenna to operate.


DJ-X11E/T Wideband Communications Receiver
Get the power of a desktop in a hand-held radio!
DJ-X11 2 VFO simultaneous RX. Main-band coverage 0.05~1,299.99995MHz all mode AM/FM/WFM/SSB/CW, Sub-band coverage VHF:118~171MHz/UHF:336~470MHz in AM/NFM. IQ signal and discriminator output to operate SDR or AIS ship-plotting software. A voice-guidance that reads the entering/entered frequencies in English. You may think these features are available only in an expensive desktop radios, but Alinco’s new flagship world-class performer DJ-X11 offers such features in a hand-held receiver !

The world is at your fingertips, from aircraft or public safety communications to broadcast or monitoring the short-wave ham bands. Easy-to-read set-mode parameters thanks to full-dot matrix LCD display enable you to customize the radio to suit your own individual monitoring preferences. The free control software allows you to operate the basic functions of DJ-X11 through your PC using an optional ERW-8 cable.
Alinco’s free utility software makes it easy to catch up with most updated memory-channel editing and function settings. You can also use an optional EDS-12 remote-cable controller to operate it like a portable stereo player.

Leading the way in miniature electronics technology with its revolutionary “credit card” size transceivers and multi-mode scanning receivers, Alinco once again sets a new standard for excellence with the DJ-X11.

SDR freeware that supports DJ-X11 is available now, check it out ! KG-SDR (This is a link to third-party)


Performance and reliability in a small size !
Photo shown with optional EDS-17

Alinco, a world leader in communications has developed a compact, dependable and easy-to-operate HF transceiver. The DX-SR8 is an intuitive design achievement, from its detachable front panel and front-facing speaker to its logically laid out controls. The DX-SR8 is engineered to be a quality transceiver, able to endure heavy-duty cycles and harsh operating environments. There are many convenient features and a variety of setup parameters that will enhance its performance under demanding operating conditions. Alinco delivers high quality and superior value in the DX-SR8!


Full Duplex Tri-Bander meets the needs of the most demanding Ham!
DJ-G7 Loaded with features the DJ-G7 includes:

  • Simultaneous full duplex operation of any two bands 144MHz, 430MHz, 1200MHz
  • Internal VOX
  • Large LCD full dot matrix screen with easy to see and understand display
  • Polycarbonate body ergonomically designed to fit the palm of your hand.
  • Die-cast chassis for rugability and to keep the RF-PA cool.
  • Twin “user assignable” controls with easy to use knobs for adjusting AF output and Squelch levels.
  • 39 CTCSS and 104 DCS encode/decode. Tone scan to detect unknown tones.
  • DTMF Auto-dialer for autopatch access. Up to 16 characters per group in 9 groups.
  • SMA antenna port for external antenna use.
  • Auto Power-Off, Bell, End-beep, Battery Save function, BCLO and more
  • Newly designed EBC-23 Swing belt clip
  • High-Capacity EBP-73 Li-ion 1200mAh battery and Drop-In charger are standard.
  • External DC power port supports 13.8V DC for mobile operation.
  • Auto-repeater* and conventional repeater operation * For USA repeater system
  • 1000 Memory Channels with programmable memory banks

      *PC and ERW-4C or ERW-7/EDS-10 or EDS14 required for bank programming


144MHz FM Handheld Transceiver
Power, Features and Convenience.
Great communications start here !
Click this image to download a brochure in PDF(275KB)
Alinco has created a new 2 meter HT that sets new standards in features, convenience and easy operation. The DJ-175 sports an alphanumeric display for easy memory management. It has an ergonomic design that’s “user friendly” and the 5-watt output battery is standard. Be prepared for virtually any selective calling situation or gaining access to repeaters with 39-tone CTCSS, 104 DCS, Tone-bursts and DTMF encoding, all included at No extra costs. Best of all, DJ-175 retains the proud Alinco tradition of quality construction and excellent value.

DJ-175 Free Utility Software Download
(Ver.043.00 beta updated Dec 2008)

Please be advised that this is a freeware (copy-right reserved by Alinco, Inc). Although we have tested this software on our Windows 2000/XP/VISTA environments and experienced no serious accidents during the operation, we are not responsible of any eventual damage caused to your radio and/or PC system by using this utility. Sorry, please do not contact us for how to use this utility; up-dates will be posted here as soon as it will be released. It is recommended that you remove the older version before you install the latest one in case of update. In case you find a bug, please report to specifying your OS.

This software enables you to program frequencies, set parameters and save it in your PC for any version of DJ-175 (T/E/TFH).

DJ-175 utility download (2.3MB zip/updated Dec 12, 2008)

Please remember that you must have Alinco’s optional ERW-4C/ERW-7 computer interface cable in order to connect the unit to your PC. A simple connection cable may not work properly. In case you install ERW-7’s driver to your VISTA PC, you must be an administrator.
The interface between the cable and radio is simple, just plug in the cable into the MIC port of DJ-175 before using the software and turn on the radio. After the operation, turn the unit off then remove the cable. Entering to the CLONE mode is not mandatory for this software.


DX-SR8/R8 Free Software Download (Please see the details on the linked page)

DJ-G7 Free Utility Software Download (Please see the details on the linked page)

DJ-V&S17/27/47 Free Utility Software Download (Please see the details on the linked page)

DJ-X7 Free Utility Software Download (Ver.1.01 released Aug 2006)

DJ-C6 Free Utility Software Download (Ver 0.61.00 Beta released June 2005)

DJ-C7 Free Utility Software Download (Ver.1.10.00 beta released Dec 2004)

DJ-X2 Free Utility Software Download (Ver.1.03.02 updated Dec 2001)

DJ-X3 Free Utility Software Download (Ver.1.03.02 updated Dec 2001)

DJ-X2000 Free Utility Software Download (Ver.1.03.02 updated Dec 2001)

DJ-X30 Free Utility Software Download (Ver.0.97 Beta July 30, 2009/2.5MB)

For more software information please visit HERE (this is a link to a third-party site).


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