Digital signal processing (DSP)
 A single DSP chip provides modulation and demodulation of all on air signalling used in the ALE, selective call and syllabic mute processes and provides noise reduction of received signals.

Frequency hopping option
A simple to operate, unique frequency hopping system that has no network entry time or late entry time. Simply enter the hop band, cipher key number and talk.
Simple architecture
The transceiver uses only two microprocessors, the main processor uses a soft loaded core while the second processor is used within the control head to operate the display and keypad.
Selective call options
Fitted with both a CCIR 493-4 based, four and six digit system of which the protocol is available for free distribution and an OEM protocol that is fully compatible with other major HF manufacturers four and six digit systems that utilise encryption.

SMS pagecall
Allows short text messages to be sent from one 2050 transceiver to another. Barrett 2050 transceivers have alpha-numeric input keys (similar to mobile phones) that allow direct text message input (without the need for an external PC or Palm type input device).
BITE – built in test equipment
Tests receiver performance, selcall, syllabic mute, VCO operation and serial communications port viability.
The Barrett 2020 Email Fax & Data System

The Barrett 2020 Email, Fax & Data System is ideal for the provision of full telecommunication facilities within organisations with remote-sited operations. The 2020 provides a simple automatic interface for speech, data, fax and email among all stations in the HF Network with full connectivity to Internet email and fax facilities via the international telephone network. After the initial capital equipment cost, which is comparable or less than current satellite systems, there are no ongoing time charges costs.

The Barrett 2075 High Power HF Transmitter

The BARRETT 300-1000 Watt Hf SSB Transmitter is a compact rack mounted unit developed for base applications in large HF networks. The transmitter comes as complete package with exciter, power supply, RF Power Amplifier, Interconnect cables and rack mounting hardware. The RF Power Amplifier is a rugged solid state unit with a comprehensive LCD display that displays the amplifier operating parameters. The amplifier is capable to operate from 110 to 250 VAC.
– All Solid State
– Broadband 2 ~ 30 MHz
– Instantaneous frequency changes
– No tuning adjustments
– Meets CCIR specifications

The Barrett 2090 Tactical HF Radio System


  • Advanced frequency hopping
  • ALE to MIL-STD 188-141B (FED STD 1045)
  • Internal datamodems Clover 2000 or STANAG5066
  • Secure Call
  • Display removable for wearing on webbing
  • Rugged custom handset with full keypad
  • 5.3Kg with 10Ah battery
  • Vehicle docking station with full 100W PEP RF power output
  • Fully immersible
Outstanding Voice Quality
The standard DSP noise reduction system reduces external channel noise, the effects of interference, and enhances audio signals to provide easier listening. The level of noise reduction can be easily selected to suit prevailing conditions.
Selective Calling Systems
The PRC-2090 tactical manpack provides international standard 4 and 6 digit Selective Call facilities that include Telcall, SMS, GPS position and remote transceiver operational status monitoring, point to point Secure Call and remote transceiver disable capabilities.
Detachable Display Full Feature Handset
The display, complete with the handset, detaches from the transceiver unit. This enables the operator to wear the display unit on his front webbing and have full operational access to the manpack without removing the manpack. For temporary command posts an optional 15 metre interface cable allows transceiver unit to be located at a convenient position away from the operator.

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