The FT DX 5000 SeriesHF/50 MHz 200W Transceivers are a new Premium Class of Yaesu radios with 2 Independent Receivers plus many unique options and accessories designed to meet the Performance Requirements of even the most demanding serious Amateur Radio operator. Check out the superb 3rd-Order Dynamic Range, 3rd-Order Intercept Point numbers and the super sharp Roofing filters!Browse our entire line of HF Transceivers/Amplifiers!

The FT-2000 (100 watts) and FT-2000D (200 watts) are the 2nd Generation in the proud lineage of the FTdx9000 Series! Featuring extensive DSP filtering, factory installed antenna tuner and power supply and a host of outstanding ergonomic and performance features, the FT-2000series radios are destined to be the centerpiece of your HF/50 MHz station!Browse our entire line of HF Transceivers/Amplifiers!

The FT-950has been developed to fit the needs of both the casual and serious DX enthusiasts as well as new licensees desiring a top notch first radio to discover the magic of the HF and 50MHz bands. This superb radio features DSP filtering, 100 Watts of power output, factory installed antenna tuner and many of the outstanding ergonomic and performance features first introduced in our FTdx-9000 and FT-2000 flagship radios.Browse our entire line of HF Transceivers/Amplifiers!

The recently released FT-450Dis a compact yet superb HF/50MHz radio with state-of-the-art IF DSP technology configured to provide World Class performance in an easy to operate package. New licensees, casual operators, DX chasers, contesters, portable / field enthusiasts, and emergency service providers. This newest version of the FT 450 includes new features such as illuminated key buttons, 300Hz / 500Hz / 2.4 kHz CW IF Filter, front feet stand, and classically designed Main Dial and Knobs.Browse our entire line of HF Transceivers/Amplifiers!

The VX-8R Series of High Technology Handhelds lead the Amateur Radio market with unique innovative features including Bluetooth® Hands-Free Operation, GPS, APRS® and Real RF-Dual Wideband Receive. The VX-8DR and VX-8GR, second and third in the series, are additional versions of the VX-8R that include not only its solid features and specifications but also new expanded APRS® capabilities to meet the needs of even the most active APRS® user. The VX-8DR has the same appearance as the VX-8R and uses the very same accessories while the VX-8GRis smaller size Dual Band version.Yaesu has a complete collection of VHF/UHF handhelds to meet your needs.

The FTM-350ARis a totally new GPS / APRS® / Bluetooth® advanced 50W Tri-Band Mobile Radio. Now with new Vacuum Cup-Mounting Bracket with Angle Adjustment and new APRS® Operation Capabilities and newly Expanded User Friendly Functions. Enjoy this extremely flexible high performance Radio and it’s Control Head that provides loads of useful information from two separate receivers as well as individual volume control. Each receiver even has a separate speaker built into the Control Head.Browse our entire line of mobile transceivers!
The FT-2900R, KING OF THE MOBILES, is a ruggedly-built, high-performance 75-Watt 2-meter mobile FM transceiver with outstanding receiver performance and crisp, and 3 watts of loud clean audio. Optimized for ease of operation day or night, the FT-2900Ris one tough radio for operating in a tough world!Browse our entire line of mobile transceivers!

The FT-7900Rgets “back to basics” as our NEW FM dual band mobile. Features one-touch operation and includes wide receiver coverage!Browse our entire line of mobile transceivers!

The FT-8800Rincludes leading-edge features like cross-band repeat, dual receive and over 1000 memory channels.Browse our entire line of mobile transceivers!

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